Oak Ridge, Tennessee,
Amateur Radio Club

Field Day - 2015

The 75/40 meter antenna; rather pretty photo but it doesn't show the nice height

One of the antennas reveals the event was on the property of the Oak Ridge Red Cross facility

6 meter antenna

Multiband vertical

Closeup of the sideband station

Sideband station with Ed WB4LWK logging, Jim KC4RD at the mike

CW station with Doug N1CWR logging a QSO (using a DOS program!)

6 meter station with Charlie K4LF at the keyboard

ARRL literature was on display during the event

2 p.m. - time to shut down the CW station

And time to shut down the SSB station

More photos to be posted as they arrive . . .

Hint, hint

See y'all next year, heah ?