Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Amateur Radio Club

Field Day - 2014

Weather was to prove problematical. This was how things looked as the storm came in from the southwest on Friday at 2:30 p.m.

Denver and Chris

Denver and his slingshot

Geron, Roy and Denver coming out of the rain

Geron and Roy with Geron's air gun

Geron; street out front is starting to get wet

Geron and Denver calling it quits for the moment

Geron with airgun

Weather at 4:10 p.m. our time

Doug helping Bill get the CW station ready

The EMS/ARES portable multiband station with filter bank

7620 6 and 2 meter station ready

Jim Bogard, KY4L, at the CW station

Ruby and Bill at the CW station

Denver and Bill at the CW station

6005 SSB station

Geron and Ed at the SSB station

Geron and Ed at the SSB station

The SSB station

Art Pettit on the SSB station

7633 More SSB operation

Ed and Roy at the SSB station

Charlie Hargis, Ross Hargis, Jim Lux. Food being put out for the feast.

Ross, Charlie, Jim

Hope Hargis (Ross's daughter, Charlie's granddaughter), Charlie

Publicity for the curious visitors

See y'all next year, heah ?